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I was made to sit in disgrace in the back seat of the car with the windows down all the way home.

I thought that perhaps the bottle in that shop had gone off, especially given that the other flanker and original Poison had been fine on me, so I tried it again. So those old rules about never purchasing a fragrance for others unless you know they love it, and never blind buying perfumes unless you are prepared for possible disappointment, monetary loss (and a sandblasting experience to rid your upper dermis) really applies to Hypnotic Poison. It would be a charming addition, but I never got over its close association with the original Poison, which was about as overdone as a Phil Collins song back then.

It's strong and "unscrubable" if it doesn't work with your skin. I was first introduced to this fragrance shortly after launch when I was demonstrating for Dior. Only when you've had it on a couple of hours does the hypnotic element take over. But I'm a big girl now, and maybe it's time to enjoy it for what it really is - gorgeous.

At the time, it was positioned as a "weird" (their words) fragrance. I have never actually worn this fragrance before, just smelled it from the bottle, on paper or on my hand.

Tried it again and almost threw up from the strength of it (I also was in an uncomfortable life situation at the time of smelling it, so maybe I wasn't mentally prepared for something so warm and loud).

Fast forward to almost 2 years later and I have worn this almost every day this past month, even if just at night.

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It's funny, because unlike most flankers, all of them are quite distinct from each other.As much as I love Poison Girl, I really adore this too. I find this more sophisticated and sexy, while Poison Girl to me is more rebellious and flirty. Sweet, comforting musky almond-vanilla-coconut-tonka. Like when you were a kid and you got to eat the almond cookie dough off the wooden spoon or the dislodged beater from a hand mixer.“Play-Doh” gets used a lot as a descriptor, but almond-vanilla cookie dough is what I get—a bit salty-starchy but mainly sweet and sticky and decadent.For people like me who can’t resist the urge to eat dessert before dinner on occasion.The musk and the feather touch of white florals cut through the gourmand aspects to keep it from being cloyingly sweet.

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